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The passage from Numbers 18:1-7 delineates the duties and responsibilities assigned to Aaron, the high priest, his sons, and the Levites in the service of the sanctuary.

1. Responsibilities of Aaron and His Family: Aaron, as the high priest, along with his sons and family, is entrusted with bearing the responsibility for offenses related to the sanctuary and priesthood. They are to oversee all matters concerning the sanctuary and its rituals, ensuring its sanctity and proper functioning.

2. Assistance from Fellow Levites: Aaron is instructed to bring fellow Levites from his ancestral tribe to assist him in his priestly duties. These Levites are to join Aaron and his sons in ministering before the tent of the covenant law, but they are not permitted to approach the furnishings of the sanctuary or the altar upon penalty of death.

3. Exclusive Duties of Aaron and His Sons: Aaron and his sons alone are designated to serve as priests in connection with all activities at the altar and inside the curtain of the sanctuary. This exclusive privilege is bestowed upon them by divine decree, and anyone else who attempts to perform these duties is subject to death.

4. Care of the Sanctuary and Altar: Aaron and his family are charged with the care and maintenance of the sanctuary and the altar to prevent divine wrath from falling upon the Israelites again. The Levites are chosen by God from among the Israelites to assist in this sacred task, dedicated to the Lord for service at the tent of meeting.

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5. Gift of the Priesthood: The service of the priesthood is bestowed upon Aaron and his sons as a divine gift, signifying their special role as mediators between God and the people of Israel. Their consecrated status sets them apart, and their adherence to their duties ensures the continued sanctity of the sanctuary and the altar.

Conclusion: The passage emphasizes the strict delineation of roles within the priesthood and the Levitical service, highlighting the sacred nature of their responsibilities and the severe consequences for any deviation from their prescribed duties. Aaron and his sons are appointed as the exclusive priests, with the Levites assisting them in their tasks, all under the overarching guidance and protection of God’s divine authority. This division of labor ensures the orderly functioning of the sanctuary and the maintenance of its holiness, safeguarding the spiritual well-being of the Israelite community.

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