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This verse from the Bible is from the first book of Samuel, chapter 1, verse 3. It introduces the annual pilgrimage of Elkanah, the husband of Hannah and Peninnah, to Shiloh to worship and make offerings to the Lord of armies (often translated as “the Lord of hosts” or “the Lord Almighty”).

Shiloh was an important religious center in ancient Israel during this time period, housing the tabernacle, which was considered the dwelling place of God among the Israelites. It was customary for devout Israelites to make pilgrimages to Shiloh to participate in religious ceremonies and offer sacrifices.

The verse also mentions two significant figures: Hophni and Phinehas, the sons of Eli, who served as priests of the Lord at Shiloh. Eli was a high priest and judge in Israel at that time, and his sons assisted him in the priestly duties. However, they are later depicted in the biblical narrative as corrupt and disobedient priests who did not honor God in their actions.

The inclusion of Hophni and Phinehas in this verse foreshadows their role in the narrative and sets the stage for their later interactions with Hannah and her family. It also provides context for the religious and cultural backdrop against which the events of the book of Samuel unfold.

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